Warca | Casted poliurethane

Table comparing poliurethane

Casted poliurethane is a next generation material provided with certified technical characteristics.
There is wide range of poliurethane systems (also with raw material certified for the food industry) able to resist to the most critical chemical and mechanical conditions. We are available to advise you on the best system to manufacture your items.
Please find below a chart with a poliurethane system in comparison with rubber compounds and silicones.

Feature Unit NR SBR NBR Silicones Poliurethane
Hardness Shore 30-100A 40-95A 40-95A 10-85A 0-85D
Tear Strength Pure MPa 28 21 2 3 5
Elongation at Break Pure % 800 700 800 <200 100-900
Resilience A C A+ - E
Compression Set B B B-C C A+ -C
Abrasion Loss B C C E A+
Heat Resistance Pure °C 250 80-110
Minimal Use Temperature °C -55 -45 -30 -90 -40 -80
Fire Resistance E E C B C-E
Resistivity B B C A A
Ageing C B C A-C
Oil E E A D A
Aliphatic Solvents E E A E B
Aromatic Solvents E E C E C
Ketones C C E D D
Chlorinated Solvents E E C E D
Water B B B A A
Non-Oxydant Acids C C C C E
Oxydant Acids E E E E E
Gas Permeability C C B E C
Rank Meaning
A+ Excellent
A Very Good
B Good
C Fair
D Weak
E Very Weak